Influence without managing

A core component of our Chief of Staff as Leader workshop - and more importantly your leadership from behind the scenes - is influencing strategies. VChief's Maddy Niebauer digs into this topic. »

Managing Your Exec’s Toxic Behavior

A lot of articles cover toxic behavior at work - but what about when the toxic behavior is that of the exec you support as chief of staff? »

How the CoS role helps bridge the so-called generational leadership gap

18 January, 2017 I tackle this issue as guest contributor at Whirling Chief. Read more. »

Did you know that professional sports use chiefs of staff?

Philadelphia 76ers chief of staff is in the news for making the move out of the NBA front office »

On Becoming Part of a Bigger Chief of Staff Community

Over the weekend, the Washington Post's Elizabeth Dwoskin highlighted the work of a subset of Silicon Valley chiefs of staff and the ways that they are more powerful working together. »

What Comes After the Chief of Staff Role?

How do you leverage your range of skills and experience beyond the chief of staff role? The good news is, you have options! »

The chief of staff for Michigan’s governor tried to warn people

The chief of staff for Michigan’s governor tried to warn people about the looming crisis in the Flint water, but without effect. What lessons can corporate chiefs of staff apply from this government example? »

Your chief of staff role as talent management solution

Where do you fit in your organization's talent management plans? How does this influence your thinking about what you might do after the CoS role? »