Membership Business Justification

The following text on the benefits of membership is provided in case you need your executive’s approval for the cost of membership. It is intended as a draft communication with talking points that you can modify to make your own case.


As part of my development in the chief of staff role, I have an opportunity to participate in, a community of people in chief of staff roles that features:

  • News and content tailored to chiefs of staff
  • Professional development resources like worksheets, live and online training
  • Peer groups where I can meet and strengthen relationships with other chiefs of staff and their organizations and get professional development
  • Access to consulting experts in the areas we work in the most (strategic planning, comms, HR, finance, IT, and governance)
  • Discounted executive and leadership coaching from a former chief of staff who knows the ins and outs of the role


The cost to become a member is <see’s Paid Memberships page for the membership you want and insert price here>. I expect this investment will more than pay for itself in short order because my participation in this community will help:

  • increase my impact
  • extend my/our influence
  • shorten my learning curve
  • bring new ideas, frameworks, and approaches to our work.

Can you confirm your approval for this expenditure?


If you need more information or specifics, in the first peer group meeting alone I will participate in a workshop that strengthens my influence and negotiation skills to more effectively accomplish your objectives. Future topics include high-stakes communications, managing high-conflict personalities, leadership presence, and managing cognitive biases so we can make and execute on our best decisions.

I’m happy to report out on any events I attend and keep you apprised of what I’m learning so we can partner in my continued development.



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