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An active, managed community for corporate chiefs of staff. Think of this as your home on the web while you are in the role.

Tyler Parris

Tyler Parris is a Hudson-certified executive and career coach, former corporate chief of staff, and author of Chief of Staff: The Strategic Partner Who Will Revolutionize Your Organization. His career has spanned operations management at Intellectual Ventures, program management at Advaiya, Inc., technical editing at Microsoft, and computer networking in the United States Marine Corps.

After facilitating well-run programs and operations in increasingly complex environments, he earned the thought partnership and counsel of senior leaders on issues affecting their organizations. As chief of staff at the pioneering invention company, Intellectual Ventures, Tyler served as thought partner, program manager, and communication manager for the President and Executive Leadership Team in setting the agenda for the company and achieving annual financial and operating goals.

His current focus is creating coaching interactions with people in chief of staff roles that create capacity, raise awareness, and change behaviors.

Vivian Mason

Vivian Mason is a consultant with Slalom. She has served as Chief of Staff for executives at large multi-national corporations as well as nimble mid-market companies.  She serves as a trusted partner, savvy implementer, problem solver, and chief advisor with a direct voice.  She enjoys enabling leaders so they can … lead.

Before Slalom, she was with Deloitte Consulting, where she practiced in Strategy & Operations. She has also held management roles in retail operations and logistics, interactive media, and high tech.  She has a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a MBA from the University of Washington.

Colleen Hunter

I am an experienced leader of people & business, having built and led groups across a wide-range of functional disciplines. I am passionate about helping organizations stand up, develop, and support high-performing teams, deliver value to their customers, and transform their enterprise.

I bring a wealth of experience in helping organizations align people, roles, capabilities, and initiatives to their overall strategy and direction. Through inquiry, observation and a focus on organizational strengths, I help leaders and teams mobilize for action.




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Molly Doty

Molly Doty is an organizational development consultant & executive coach with over 20 years’ experience designing and facilitating leadership retreats, strategic planning initiatives, team building sessions, and leadership curricula. Pulling from a multidisciplinary educational background that includes a masters in behavioral science & anthropology from UCLA, organizational development at The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and executive coaching at The Hudson Institute of Coaching, Molly has trained over 5,000 managers & staff in strategic leadership, communication, conflict management, leading change, leading teams, & managing diversity. Representative clients include Microsoft, Kaiser Permanente, and UCLA; she has also worked in manufacturing, academia, and the arts.

Molly is a master in the complex realm of human dynamics. She shape-shifts both work group & individual performance by identifying new approaches to perceived challenges & posing thought-provoking questions that shed light onto personal blocks while lighting the path forward. She is committed & motivated to support her clients to achieve their unique aspirations & growth as professionals in complex, challenging environments at all levels of organization. She brings a positive, grounded presence, incisive listening, warmth & discernment to her work. Perhaps most importantly, she designs pragmatic, experiential development programs, and has partnered with Tyler Parris to tailor these to the situations chiefs of staff face daily. Participants are able to immediately apply their new awareness, skills, and tools in the workplace.

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